Enzymatic facial cleanser sample kit. 001 Enzyme Double Cleanser. Jelly Oil 3ml

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Samples Enzyme Double Clanser , enzymatic facial cleanser. With a single product, perform a double cleansing without dehydrating the skin. Gently cleanses, removes makeup and exfoliates. Gel-oil texture. 3ml

Is for you:

If you are looking for a simplified and effective double cleaning with a single product . For all skin types, including sensitive. You can use it morning and night.

Use tips:

Apply a blueberry's worth of 001 Enzyme Double Cleanser to dry skin. Then massage over the entire face until you notice how the impurities, traces of makeup and/or sunscreen are diluted. Then, add a little water, emulsify and massage again to transform the gel-oil into milk. Massage for 30 more seconds and rinse your face with plenty of water to complete the second phase of cleansing.

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