Vital Glow luminosity concentrated serum with wild carrot CaR

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Objective: luminosity.

Highly concentrated brightening serum with wild carrot seed oil. It is so concentrated that 2-3 drops every morning and night is all you need to give your skin a large dose of vitality and luminosity. If you like to go with your skin without makeup, this serum is pure magic; Every drop of this nutrient-rich oil will help brighten your skin. Glass bottle. 100% natural. 5ml

In aromatherapy, the subtle and unique aroma of wild carrot provides a feeling of wonder.

You can use this concentrated serum alone or mixed with your day/night cream.

How do I use this product?

In the palm of your hand, mix your cream with 1-2 drops of this concentrated serum; If you wish, you can apply it alone for more intensive results (2-3 drops). 

Highest Quality Certified Cold Pressed Wild Carrot (Daucus carota) Oil, Certified Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherols).

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