Rahua Deluxe Mini Volumizing Shampoo 22ml

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100% natural and organic mini volumizing shampoo especially indicated for fine and/or matted hair that needs an extra dose of volume. Thanks to its combination of ingredients, it is especially effective on very oily and weighed down hair. 22ml

Unlike other volumizing shampoos, this shampoo does not dry out the hair; hydrates, nourishes and repairs, leaving hair full of vitality and volume. It is made with Rahua nut oil, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Green tea.


- Rahua nut oil: strengthens damaged and weak hair. Nourishes and regenerates the follicles.

- Lemongrass and green tea: provide volume and eliminate excess oil from the hair follicle.

- Lavender: provides a pleasant, soft and relaxing aroma.

- Eucalyptus: refreshes and distances the time between washes.

How do I use this product?

Apply a small amount (no more than a hazelnut) to damp hair. Massage and rinse with plenty of water. Repeat the application if you consider it necessary, but once is more than enough. Next apply conditioner and mask .

To get more volume we recommend that you use Voluminous Spray by Rahua .


Clean, radiant hair, with volume and body.

Step 1 - The basics

First apply the Base Coat to the clean nail. Let it dry.

Step 2 - Color

Apply your favorite color and let it dry. Repeat the step a second time to have a more intense layer with greater hold.

Step 3 - Finishing

2 minutes later apply a coat of Top Coat Sunshine polish and let it dry. This finishing polish will help your polish become a long-lasting polish, you don't need LED lamps, it reacts to natural UV rays.


What does 9free mean?

That the nail polish does not have camphor, xylol, ethyl tosylamide, phthalates, parabens, triphenyl phosphate, formaldehyde, toluene and formaldehyde resins.

Should we always use a base before applying colored nail polish?

Manucurist advises doing so. The base coat forms a protective layer, which acts as a shield against pigments.

Should nail polish be stored in the refrigerator?

Manucurist recommend keeping it at room temperature in a place where there is no sunlight.

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