Less Is More

Mini Aloe Mint volume shampoo for fine-oily or normal-oily hair 50ml

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Light and natural volumizing Aloe Mint mini shampoo for fine and/or normal hair that wants to get more body. It works great on hair with oily roots. Hair stays clean for longer. 50ml

Star ingredients of this shampoo:

- Horsetail extract: horsetail strengthens hair from the roots and adds volume. Tones the scalp and regulates sebum production. Thanks to the ponytail, the hair stays clean for longer.

- Aloe Vera: pure and moisturizing juice for hair and scalp, refreshes and calms if you have any irritation or itching on the scalp.

- Pea protein: restores hair moisture and revitalizes it. Because the amino acid composition is similar to that of hydrolyzed keratin, its function is also similar.

- Essence of mint, rosemary and vetiver: 100% organic and certified. Energizes, refreshes and helps keep hair cleaner and gently scented naturally. They don't grease.

How do I use this shampoo?

Massage a small amount of the concentrated shampoo into wet hair and scalp, then rinse. If you want you can repeat the application but it is not necessary.

Did you know that all Less Is More shampoos are super concentrated? A very small amount is more than enough to clean your entire hair thoroughly.

Each Less Is More shampoo (sulfate-free) has been made with mild, plant-based surfactants with an innovative formula that gives them excellent foaming and cleansing properties. They are super concentrated to give maximum care to the hair and scalp with the minimum amount necessary.

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