Correction pen for manicure. Solvent Corrector Pen

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Solvent Corrector Pen is a nail polish remover pen that gently and precisely erases defects and/or errors when you apply Manucurist nail polish. It works for both normal polishes ( Green ) and semi-permanent manicure polishes ( Green Flash) . Each marker comes with 3 spare leads.

Made with organic castor oil.

Use tips:

Precisely slide the tip of the marker in the area where you want to remove the polish applied by mistake. Clean the tip after each use with a cloth.

To change the lead of the correction pen, remove the used tip and insert a new lead. That easy!

Ethyl acetate, denatured alcohol, ricinus communis seed oil, perfume, ethocrylene, butyl acetate, CI 61565, CI 47000.

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