Le Liner Christophe Danchaud Black Liquid Eyeliner

SKU: 1032401128

114 zł

Reference: 3700562310001

Ultra-fine tip liquid eyeliner in intense black tone. Super easy to apply, long lasting. 4ml.

Le Liner's ultra-fine tip makes it easy to apply a super intense, opaque and precise black line on the eyelid. It stays on all day, so your eyes will look perfect for hours and hours.

Tip for applying Le Liner:

Keep your eye shape in mind when applying Le Liner. If you have round, close-set, or deep-set eyes, make them appear longer by extending the line toward the temples.

If your eyes are far apart, keep the line shorter so they look closer together.

Vegan, ecological and natural (97%), certified by Ecocert COSMOS Organic.

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