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Brightening and protective nutricosmetic supplement. Thanks to the synergy of 7 innovative active ingredients, it unifies and revitalizes the complexion, preserves skin aging tissues and reduces brown spots. Each container contains 28 capsules. Duration: 14 days if you take 2 capsules a day or 28 days if you take 1.

Vegan, 100% natural.

It's for you if:

- Your skin is dull.

- If you have rough or very dehydrated skin.

- If you have stains.

Use tips:

Take 1 or 2 capsules every day whenever you want. You can take it all year round.

Fully compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Store in a cool, dark place.


- 12.5% ​​of people have noticed fewer dark spots on their skin.

28 days to perceive brighter skin and a more unified complexion*.

- 15% of people claim to have less marked expression lines after 28 days.

In 28 days you begin to notice the benefits of this nutricosmetic supplement.

*Ability of the skin to recover all its mechanical properties after numerous attacks. Clinical study carried out on 30 women over 45 years of age for 2 months.

Key ingredients:

A complex of innovative active ingredients known to stimulate microcirculation, reoxygenate tissues, revitalize the complexion and deliver fresh, radiant skin day after day.

- Camu-camu extract, titled in native vitamin C, is known to promote microcirculation and skin luminosity.

- Vichy thermal salts, exclusive to D-LAB formulas, regulate the skin's pH and intensely nourish skin cells.

- An innovative concentrate of maritime pine from the Landes OPC, an active ingredient certified by numerous clinical studies for its action on the luminosity and uniformity of the complexion and its antioxidant properties.

A complex of regulating active ingredients designed to lastingly improve the quality of the skin and maintain a clear and uniform complexion on a daily basis.

- Purslane extract, 5 times more concentrated than the dried plant and recognized for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, prevents and limits the appearance of dark spots.

- Lodhra bark helps preserve tissues from skin infections, maintain healthy skin and improve skin texture.

- Landes maritime pine bark extract, thanks to its high OPC content, reduces the intensity of brown spots and regulates the activity of melanocytes. Action proven by clinical study.

This formula offers a broad spectrum of antioxidants known to preserve the integrity of skin cells, fight daily aggressions and maintain firm, healthy skin.

- A pomegranate extract made from a patented ecological extraction technology that uses pure water without organic solvents. Titrated to 30% punicalagins and 47% polyphenols, 2 families of super powerful antioxidants, it protects the skin from skin aging. Efficacy proven by clinical study.

- Natural vitamin E, obtained from soybean oil, helps protect cells against oxidative stress.

- Landes maritime pine bark, rich in OPC, is known to help maintain collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin to provide daily flexibility and elasticity.

D-LAB care includes specific active ingredients in each of its formulas to preserve the body day after day.

- Powerful antioxidants from Landes maritime pine OPC, native vitamin C and purslane extract to provide luminosity, uniformity and protection to the skin.

- Thermal salts from Vichy water, rich in minerals and trace elements, in particular zinc and copper, for healthy and luminous skin.

Jus concentré de camu-camu 480 mg without vitamin C 48 mg 60% VNR2; fruit • Extrait de pin maritime des Landes titré en OPC (Oligo-ProanthoCyanidines) - Cosmythic® 100 mg (EPS1 100 g) ; écorce • Vegetable gel: Hydroxypropylméthylcellulose • Lodhra extract 80 mg (EPS1 320 mg) ; écorce • Grenade extract 60 mg (EPS1 840 mg) ; fruit • Extrait de pourpier 60 mg (EPS1 300 mg) ; partie aérienne • Sels thermalux de Vichy 60 mg • Vitamine E 24 mg 200% VNR2 • Antiagglomérant: cocoa powder

For 2 capsules

Grenade extract** 840mg

Jus concentrate of camu-camu

Don't Vitamine C




lodhra extract** 320mg

Extrait de pourpier**

300 mg

Extrait de pin maritime des landes titré en OPC 100mg
Vichy thermal seals 60mg
Vitamin E 24mg 200%

VNR: Nutritional Reference Values.

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