Less Is More

Oval beech brush with boar bristles

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285 zł

Reference: 9120035133038

Beech wood brush with premium quality boar bristles. Thanks to its composition, this comb helps you distribute the natural oils in your hair while brushing, detangling, reducing frizz and gently exfoliating the scalp. Black color. Made with boar bristles and nylon.

Each Less is More brush comes with a case and a brush to clean your brush.

How do I use this brush?

Always brush your hair dry. Do it every morning. First pass the comb 3 to 5 times from the roots to the ends. Do it with your head forward and then back. In this way you manage to stimulate the hair roots and increase volume.

Each Less is More brush comes with a brush that should be used to clean both the pad and the pins. Clean your Less is More brush regularly to enjoy it in the best conditions for many years :

- Dry clean frequently by removing hair and scales with a comb and cleaning brush.

- Wash it from time to time. First dry clean it as above. Then wet the cleansing brush (not the brush) well with a little shampoo and use it to brush the tines and pad of the comb.

- Prevents water from entering the air hole in the soft part of the brush; To avoid this, hold the brush head down.

- Repeat the procedure with the cleaning brush using clean rinsing water.

- Shake off excess water from the brush and let it dry with the pins pointing down, at room temperature.

- Do not put it in contact with oils, solvents or other chemicals.

Also do not use it with hot appliances (for example dryer, irons, etc.)

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