CeluliCup anti-cellulite massage cup

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CeluliCup allows you to do an anti-cellulite massage just as effective as in a beauty center, but at home, at your own pace and at no extra cost. This accessory is the ideal ally to combine with your anti-cellulite oil: the Cup cannot be used dry. Birch oil enhances the effect of this accessory, and vice versa, since the massage with the cup ensures optimal absorption of the oil.

CeluliCup comes in a cloth bag to keep it protected and clean.

How to use the CeluliCup massage?

First apply the birch oil for cellulite on the areas you want to treat, for example thighs, hips, buttocks, triceps and cervical area. Remember that you should not use CeluliCup on dry skin.

Grab the CeluliCup by the sides and press it to remove the air that is inside. Then place it over the area to be treated and release it. You have to notice that the CeluliCup vacuums the skin. If the suction is too intense or if it is not enough for your liking, press the cup again, remove it from the skin and try again.

Once you achieve the ideal suction, you can begin the massage in those areas where you have applied the oil.

Start with circular movements, moving the CeluliCup up from your knee to your hip. Then move it along the leg, through that same area in a straight line towards the heart. Finish the massage by making "s" from top to bottom.

To enhance your results, perform a massage between 5 and 10 minutes a day in each area to be treated. After use, clean it with soap and water.

It is made with silicone, a very respectful material for our skin. It is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

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