Tricks and tips to treat and reduce sun spots

Sun spots on the skin (especially on the face and hands) are one of the most common complaints. The big question is can these stains be removed? We have tested several treatments that have been very effective in reducing and even eliminating some stains. But we always reiterate that the most effective treatment is to protect our skin.

Types of skin spots: what they are and why they appear

There are many types of stains and causes directly related to them.

Today We are going to focus on the two most common types of spots: melasmas and solar lentigines.

What are melasmas?

Melasmas are spots on the skin caused by hormonal changes, pregnancy, use of contraceptives (pills for example), etc. There is no direct relationship with age since they can begin to appear after the age of 20 and are sometimes related to the consumption of photosensitizing drugs such as diuretics and antibiotics. Reducing and/or eliminating this type of stain is relatively simple. Later we will tell you how to eliminate melasmas.

What are solar lentigines?

They are spots on the skin directly related to age and especially to sun exposure. In this case, what happens is that the number of melanocytes increases and since they are highly pigmented, it is as if they become spots and that is how we see it. These are what we typically know as “sun spots” and they should never be confused with freckles and we should know that it is practically impossible to eliminate them with cosmetics (even if they are depigmenting). On the other hand, we can reduce them if we are constant and patient.

7 Tips and Tricks to Remove and Reduce Stains

1. Always protect your skin , and when we say always it is always. Get used to applying a cream with SPF after your day cream (if you put on makeup, wait 5 minutes between protection cream and makeup).

2. Makeup with SPF: if you like to wear makeup, choose foundations with instant sun protection and remember to reapply your foundation as many times as you need.

3. Use depigmenting cosmetics especially indicated for skin prone to spots. Focus on these two ingredients:

    • Citric acid is included in depigmentants like vitamin C.
    • Arbutin is a derivative of hydroquinone, a natural substance found in bearberry leaves and whitens the skin by reducing spots and fading typical pregnancy marks. It acts on both types of spots (melasmas and solar lentigines).

4. Once a week, use an enzymatic exfoliant or a facial cleanser that contains enzymatic exfoliation , this means that it does not contain any acid. The scrub should be gentle, brightening, and should be applied to clean, dry skin. Leave it on for 25 minutes (if you have very sensitive skin only 15 minutes) and remove it with COLD water.

These types of scrubs help accelerate the natural exfoliation process by getting rid of dead cells and improving the texture, imperfections and elasticity of the skin. Our recommendation is a gentle kukui and jojoba pearl brightening scrub.

5. Incorporate cosmetics with hyaluronic acid into your beauty routine.

6. Do not consume foods that “stain” the skin in your diet.

7. Always have pure rosehip oil on hand every night. Apply 3 drops to previously moistened face and massage gently until completely absorbed. Be patient and constant and after 28 days you will notice a lot of improvement. Take a photo every night from day 1 to see the evolution. Our recommendation is Rosehip Oil, the best-selling rosehip oil in recent years. 100% organic and pure.

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