Dr. Hauschka's lemon balm

This is Love! A love rather at second sight, but with all the senses. At first, lemon balm appears as a modest plant that we find on the edges of roads, with quadrangular stems, non-showy flowers and strong leaves. But whoever dares to caress the leaves can immediately perceive the unmistakable lemon aroma of lemon balm, quickly sensing that this plant has a lot to offer: it acts gently in case of tension, spasms or sleep disorders. Its wonderful balancing essence enriches and characterizes the formula of Dr.Hauschka's lemon balm cream.

In good hands: planting, growing and harvesting lemon balm for Dr.Hauschka

The weather forecast finally promises dry days. Bernhard Klett, responsible for 20 medicinal plant crops on the biodynamic farm Sonnenhof, turns his satisfied gaze towards the clear skies over Bad Boll. Together with his apprentice, he makes his way towards the lemon balm field. Just four weeks ago, when there was no longer any risk of frost, the young seedlings from Demeter biodynamic seeds were planted. Now, the plants have grown, they reach their knees. It's time to take the first step. In a good year, lemon balm produces three crops. It is picked before flowering on a dry morning like today.

aromatic promises

Until now, the Sonnenhof farm team has been in charge of the constant manual care that the lemon balm requires, planting 2,000 seedlings by hand and removing weeds countless times with a hoe. Today, Bernhard Klett is happy to have his tractor. The faster they can harvest and deliver the delicious lemon balm leaves to the Sonnenhof estate, the better. At a good pace, prune the top 20 to 25 cm of the plant, leaving the rest intact, so it can sprout again. Meanwhile, an intense lemon aroma spreads through the field, as if the lemon balm wanted to send a small sample of its essential oil to the calendula, which greets it with a wink with its orange flower.

Hand in hand work

On the Sonnenhof farm, the boxes that allow transpiration are waiting for the lemon balm to be harvested. In them, the plants will undergo a three-day drying process, activated by hot air from outside, inside the drying room, property of the farm. From time to time, the human hand will intervene to remove the leaves. The humid air from outside is, right now, as undesirable as a temperature that is too high, since the purpose is to preserve the volatile essential oil of the lemon balm and to be able to supply a perfect harvest to the oil laboratory near WALA.

Here the circle closes: from the sowing of the lemon balm seedlings in the medicinal plant garden to its processing, including cultivation in the Sonnenhof fields, the lemon balm never leaves the municipality of Bad Boll or the facilities. from WALA Heilmittel Gmbh. Lemon balm cream is a good example of a local product.

A plant with cunning

Lemon balm is indicated in apparently opposite cases : it is capable of calming the nerves and awakening the spirits, it calms a stomach affected by nerves and awakens the appetite. It acts cleverly when extremes are harmful and accompanies us on the path to our personal balance.

The heart of lemon balm cream

People with sensitive combination skin will be precisely the ones who can benefit the most from this cream, which balances two different skin types in a single formula. Lemon balm cream stimulates hydration, while regulating oily areas and providing extra relaxation to reddened areas.

The friend of men

It is a plant with many lovers. Men especially like lemon balm in Dr.Hauschka day cream. Its formula is quickly absorbed, provides a fresh aroma and mattifies the skin. However, there is something that also becomes relevant for men: Skin type! Men's sensitive combination skin receives the ideal care with lemon balm cream.

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