10 curiosities about black cumin oil (Nigella Sativa)

He Black cumin oil is a toning and purifying oil with many uses and widely used in skin treatments. It is a soothing, regenerating, vitalizing, moisturizing, protective, regulating, reparative and anti-inflammatory vegetable oil. A multipurpose oil widely used for skin conditions and beauty treatments, today we tell you everything you need to know about black cumin oil.

  • Did you know that it is the oil with the highest concentration of thymoquine ? Thymoquine is a powerful natural antiseptic that is very effective in treating skin sensitivities, allergic reactions, irritations, redness... It is also anti-staminic , antioxidant , anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory . This natural photochemical is known to “ cure everything except death .”

  • In addition to its high concentration of thymoquinone, it contains dithymoquinone , thymohydroquinone , thimol and omega 3 and 6 .

  • Black cumin oil is an oil widely used to calm rheumatism and promotes tissue regeneration.

  • Strengthens the skin , the hair , relieves sunburn , reduces baggy eyes and fight the acne naturally and effectively. Due to its properties, it deeply cleans the pores of the epidermis and effectively combats acne and blackheads.

  • It is one of the vegetable oils richest in essential amino acids and in minerals.

  • Cumin oil is an ideal oil to treat and cure fungus .

  • It is an especially effective oil for treating candidiasis and other skin diseases such as dermatitis , eczema , boils , neurodermatitis and psoriasis .

  • Used on hair, it helps revitalize it, make it stronger and effectively eliminates dandruff .

  • Mosquito bites ? Try applying 1 drop on them, feeling fresh, relieved and less itchy right away.

  • A massage with black cumin oil helps eliminate muscle pain . Speeds up the recovery process in cases of sprains and bruises .

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