- Increased luminosity: recovers the skin's freshness and radiance.

- Lifting effect: reduction of wrinkles and expression lines.

- Firming effect: improvement in texture. Returns softness to the skin.

- Improves tone: provides uniformity and reduces spots and redness.

Featured ingredients:

- Vitamin C: innovative formula of vitamin C incorporated in an innovative “green” encapsulation from which it is released little by little upon contact with the skin, thus guaranteeing the perfect conservation of its effectiveness. The continued application for 8-12 weeks of this microencapsulated formulated at 3% w/w concentration (based on studies carried out), reports improvements in: reduction of wrinkles and small lines, hydration, softness, luminosity, as well as unevenness of skin tone. the skin. This powerful Vitamin C formula works to restore health to your skin. The microcapsules prevent sensitivity to oxidation of the vitamin C compound, something common in this active ingredient, preventing its loss of efficacy and effectiveness.

- Baobab: the tree of life. Its high concentration of linoleic acid (omega-6) makes it the ideal oil for restructuring the epidermis. This oil is capable of helping to regenerate epithelial tissues in a short time, thus improving the tone and elasticity of the skin. β-Sitosterol (≈80% of total sterols) present in baobab seed oil is a known antioxidant capable of reducing damaged DNA by acting against free radicals.

- Marula: used by African women for its treatment and protection against dehydration. This oil is particularly rich in oleic acid, containing more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic (omega 6) and oleic (omega 9), and is also very rich in vitamin E and phytosterols. These qualities make it an oil with excellent antioxidant properties. Helps improve skin hydration, providing softness, reducing redness. It also helps the skin's barrier function and its microcirculation.

- Kalahari melon: used since ancient times for its properties to maintain skin health and help its regeneration. Its high concentration in omega 6 (> 70% essential fatty acids) makes it highly recommended for the recovery of the structure of the epidermis, providing great elasticity. It contains a high level of γ-tocopherol (70.56 mg/100 g) as the main component followed by α-tocopherol (25.94 mg/100 g) providing important antioxidant properties to the skin.