What is whole sheet?

The black and green tea range uses only 'Whole Leaf' tea leaves. This means that they only use whole leaves chopped just before packaging to facilitate tea bag production and maintain their special flavor.

What quality grade of Matcha powder does Pukka use?

Matcha powder is one of the best quality matchas you can get. The base of matcha powder is the top buds of shaded spring teas. For these 'Kabuse Cha' teas, the bushes are shaded with dark nets for a couple of days before harvesting. This increases the amount of amino acids and makes the tea sweeter. After harvesting, the leaves are processed into steamed green tea and then ground in stone mills. A very important factor is temperature, so grinding is extremely slow to avoid high temperatures that can destroy quality. Matcha tea should be stored in a cool, dark place, otherwise it will lose flavor and color.

Are the bags recyclable?

There are two main ways to keep a tea bag fresh: wrap individual bags or wrap the entire box. This is essential if you want to protect high-quality organic herbs and essential oils. At Pukka they recommend wrapping each bag in an envelope so that once the box (their box is made with FSC certified cardboard and printed with vegetable-based inks) is opened, the other tea bags stay fresh.

The good news is that after four years of research and development, they have been able to make a tea sachet that can go in your paper recycling bin. Their new FSC® certified paper envelopes still include a very thin layer of BPA and PVC free plastic. It is so thin that it can be recycled with regular paper. They are currently investigating ways to obtain this recyclable barrier from a plant-based compostable source. They say they will freely share this technology with other tea companies as soon as they find the best solution.

Can I recycle the bags in my food recycling? And can I compost them at home?

You can recycle these tea bags in your food recycling bins. And you can also make homemade compost with these tea bags. They are currently applying for independent certification to give you added peace of mind that these tea bags are 100% compostable. They will soon have a new certification.

Why is there 2% matcha powder in the Pukka matcha green tea range?

Matcha is naturally bitter in flavor and the 2% matcha provides just the right balance of flavor for Pukka's matcha green teas. Pukka matcha tea is 100% organic and pure and that percentage is enough to provide the right balance with their whole leaf green teas.

Can I drink Pukka infusions and teas during pregnancy?

Pukka recommends taking Motherkind Pregnancy only during the second and third trimesters. All other Pukka teas are considered safe to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding.