Raspberry powder
Chickpea protein
Beet powder
L-hydroxyproline versus
L-proline versus
Chicory Root Inulin Oil
MCT Powder Seaweed
wild-harvested Hebridean marine
Natural flavoring
Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbate)
L-Arginine versus
L-alanine versus
L-choline bitartrate versus
rosehip berry powder
Pea Brown Rice Protein
Haskap Berry Powder
white tea extract
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

Nutritional value:

Nutrition per 100g for 10g
ENERGY 353 35
FAT 4.3 0.43
of which it is saturated 4.1 0.41
of which sugar eleven 1.1
FIBER 15.2 1.52
PROTEIN 44.1 4.41
SALT 0.15 0.01
Vitamin D3 400ug 40ug
Vitamin C 2250mg 225mg
Iodine 1500ug 150ug
hill 850mg 85mg
L-glycine 10000mg 1000mg
L-Proline 5000mg 500mg
L-hydroxyproline 5000mg 500mg
rosehip 2000mg 200mg