What tone do I choose?

- Lightness: it is the lightest foundation from Kjaer Weis. A balanced neutral color, suitable for skin tones that tend towards pink or yellow.

- Like Porcelain: for light skin with pink undertones. Creamy texture with a semi-matte finish.

- Silken: soft tan tone but with a yellow base. Ideal for medium light skin with a tendency to yellow/pale.

- Ethereal: between Silken and Paper Thin, neutral tone suitable for medium-light skin.

- Paper Thin: fresh tone with ivory nuances. Ideal for light and/or medium skin with slightly pink undertones.

- Feathery: tone between Paper Thin and Just Sheer, it is a neutral tone for medium-tone skin but with a light tendency.

- Just Sheer: warm tone with beige undertones, semi-matte finish.

- Subtlety: for medium skin tone with yellow and/or golden undertones. Semi-matte finish.

- Illusion: warm honey beige tone. For medium tone skin with a dark tendency and with golden or olive undertones.

- Velvety: for tanned and/or medium-dark/dark skin with golden or olive undertones. Semi-matte finish.

- Transparent: for medium dark skin with golden and olive undertones. Semi-matte finish.

- Delicate: for medium-dark and/or skin with a tendency to dark and golden tones. Semi-matte finish.

- Flawless: for skin with deep colors and reddish undertones. Semi-matte finish.

- Perfection: for skin with deep colors and neutral undertones.

How do I use this product?

As each Kjaer Weis makeup base has been formulated without synthetic products, it is very important that you always apply it to a very well-hydrated face. Kjaer Weis recommends combining it with The Beautiful Oil or your favorite cream. You can apply it by hand with your fingertips or with a compact/cream foundation brush.


30 months before being opened. 12 months after opening.

How long will it last me?

If you put on makeup every day for 2 to 2 and a half months.

Of the agriculturally derived ingredients in this product, a minimum of 95% comes from organic farming.