Xabón de Allariz, an ethical and supportive project

Xabón de Allariz is a Galician ethical and solidarity project that makes natural soaps with donkey milk to support the work of the ANDREA Association in Allariz.

Xabón de Allariz, an ethical and supportive project

Behind this firm is the ANDREA Association, which works every day doing therapy with people with disabilities and caring for dozens of abandoned and/or mistreated donkeys while contributing to the preservation of some of the donkey breeds in danger of extinction.

All their soaps are made with fresh donkey milk and shea butter. During the production process they only use natural and top quality raw materials. Their soaps are recommended for sensitive and delicate skin but of course they can be used by all skin types, perfect for the hygiene of dry or very dry skin. Flavored with pure essential oils. Their best seller, unscented soap for sensitive skin.

Soaps with fresh donkey milk

This soap is one of the very few! that you will find in the market with fresh donkey milk. The ANDREA association has lovingly and handcrafted these soaps for years with the fresh milk obtained from the donkeys at the Donkey Assisted Therapy Center. In addition to the emollient and softening properties that this soap provides to the skin, especially the most sensitive ones, by purchasing it you will be doing your part to this magnificent association and to the charming Villa de Allariz .

We invite you to visit the ANDREA Association website to learn more about their project.

Soaps with fresh donkey milk

Do you want to be godmother or godfather of a donkey?

A good way to collaborate with ANDREA, in addition to buying their soaps, is to sponsor/sponsor one of their susurritos. They have twelve of their burritos available in their Sponsorship Program, and even if you can't take these home, you will receive a certificate with a photo of the chosen burrito. Additionally, throughout the year you will receive information on how the burrito is doing and if there were any important events you would be promptly informed.

Being godmother or godfather of one of your donkeys has advantages: you can visit the donkey (and the rest of the herd) as many times as you want, bring them some "treat" (carrots, apples...), brush them, graze with them in the core area of ​​the “Allariz Area” Biosphere Reserve, photograph yourself, or simply spend the day with them, at no other cost.

Sponsoring one of their burritos is an ideal gift for family or friends and, if you tell them the date and address, they ensure that the gift arrives at their home on the indicated day. This way you will never forget an anniversary or birthday again!

Sponsorship involves a donation of €60 per year (which you can deduct on your income tax return) and is used for the feeding and veterinary care of the animals welcomed. Here you can check the burritos to sponsor/sponsor .

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