What is double cleansing?

What is double cleansing? What does it consist of? It is for all types of skin? Which has benefits? Is it essential? In this post we resolve all these queries. Here we go!

1. What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is a type of facial cleansing that always consists of 2 phases . This type of cleaning should contain an oil-based and a water-based cleaning agent.

- The oily base removes fat-soluble residues such as makeup, sunscreen, etc.

- The water-based removes daily dirt from pollution, dead cells, etc., i.e. water-soluble impurities.

theCosmethics Double Facial Cleansing

Therefore, to achieve double cleaning you should choose one cleaner to remove oily residue and another to remove watery residue ( or one that can do it all if you want to simplify ) .

Is one or two products better?

You can achieve a double cleaning with a single product (as long as it contains an oil-based and a water-based ) or with two different products ( the first cleaner must be oil-based and the second water-based ) .

Both options are correct if you choose the right products for your skin.

- If you opt for a double cleaning with 2 different and very specific products, you will achieve a very complete super cleaning with greater results . A double cleanse with 2 products requires more time and you must be consistent every day/night to use both products (if you only use one you will not be able to benefit from the double cleanse).

- If you are lazy, you prefer to invest time in other things, you do not want to use more than one product and/or it is okay for you to do it with a single product, then it is better that you choose a single complete cleanser (of course it contains an oil and water base ) as Enzyme Double Cleanser.

If you find it difficult to be consistent, you don't have time or you simply want to simplify, opt for a single complete cleaner. Better a complete daily cleaning (to benefit from all its virtues) than a super double cleaning with two inconsistent products.

2. Is it for all skin types?

Yes. Double facial cleansing is for any skin type as long as you choose the right products.

This type of facial cleansing It is designed so that no type of residue remains on the skin and so that the skin does not dehydrate or irritate when cleansed . When you do a double cleanse you are more effective in removing dirt because the oily base of the cleanser makes it much easier, faster and more effective to dilute the remains of makeup and sun protection (without irritating or dehydrating) . Makeup and sunscreen remove much better with oil than with soap and water (less effort).

With an aqueous cleanser (water-based only) it will not be so easy to remove makeup and sun protection and get a good feeling of cleanliness without aggression or dehydration.

How to perform a double facial cleansing

A mousse, a soap, a gel... are water-based cleansers that, to remove fat-soluble residues such as makeup, sunscreen and grease, will require more application time to break down the makeup, sunscreen and other impurities. You'll need to scrub longer and more intensively to achieve what the oily base does, and even then it probably won't be as effective and your skin won't be as clean. The more you scrub the cleanser and the longer you use it... the more chance you have of irritating and dehydrating your skin.

What if your skin is very sensitive or very dry and water feels bad to it?

In that case, always choose a soap-free, sulfate-free cleanser as a second phase.

If you don't wear makeup or sunscreen and just want a cleanser, choose soap-free too.

If your skin is very dry and you want to use only one cleanser, because double cleansing does not suit you and/or you do not think you need it, it is better to use an oil-based cleanser such as an oil, butter, cream or milk.

3. Benefits

- Deep and complete cleansing without dehydrating or irritating the skin.

- Helps unclog pores and remove dead cells.

- Prevents the appearance of pimples and comedones.

- Controls excess oil and refines the pore.

- Improves skin texture and provides luminosity.

- Prepares the skin for the application of any product.

- The products you apply next penetrate much better and are more effective (since you apply them to clean skin) .

4. Is it essential?

We don't like to say that it is essential, but it is certainly highly recommended and necessary to maintain healthy skin .

Any skin type can benefit from a two-phase cleanse if you choose the right products . We are totally convinced and that is why we wanted the first product from our own brand to be a cleaner. At Luisa we have created Enzyme Double Cleanser : a complete facial cleanser that performs a double cleansing (two phases) without dehydrating. A simplified and effective double cleaning in a single product. Removes makeup, cleanses and also gently exfoliates .

Enzyme Double Cleanser does not need any other extra products to achieve a complete facial cleansing. A single product with 2 cleaning phases to achieve double cleaning. It removes makeup, cleanses and also gently exfoliates thanks to the papain extract that we incorporate. It is for all skin types and does everything it promises: double cleansing without dehydrating the skin.

Our recommendations for carrying out a complete and effective double cleaning:

1. If simplification is your thing and in addition to removing makeup and cleaning you also want a gentle exfoliation , this is what you are looking for .

2. If, however, you prefer to use more than one product to perform a double cleaning, these are our recommendations :

- For dry skin.

- For dehydrated combination skin .

- For oily skin .

- For very oily skin .

- For sensitive skin .

📝 Summary:

1. Cleansing method that breaks down everything on our skin in two phases.

2. It is for any skin type as long as you choose the right products

3. Done correctly, it is an effective cleansing and suitable for all skin types.

4. If you choose the right products you will always benefit from this type of cleaning.

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