What is vegan cosmetics? How do I know if my cosmetic is vegan?

More and more people are making the decision to consume organic vegan cosmetics; In most cases it is a decision that goes in company and in line with the diet. It is totally logical and understandable that a person who has made the decision to be vegan and worries about it every day decides to make responsible consumption that is in complete harmony with their decisions and concerns. If you are new to this, we are going to help you because although it is simple, it can be a bit confusing; We must not confuse 3 concepts: natural cosmetics, vegan cosmetics and cruelty free.

What is vegan cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics are cosmetics that, in addition to not being tested on animals, do not contain any ingredients from animals or any products generated by them (such as honey).

All the products selected in our catalog, in addition to being natural and organic, are cruelty free. This means that we only test, select and incorporate into our catalog cosmetics that are free of animal cruelty. All our selection is natural and cruelty free .

But… are all your cosmetics vegan?

The answer is no, although everything is natural and no product has been tested on animals, many of our references contain ingredients of animal origin/ingredients produced by animals such as: honey, beeswax...

4 Non-vegan ingredients

Bee wax

In natural cosmetics it is very common for this ingredient to be present in many creams and balms . If a cosmetic contains beeswax, it is considered an animal “by-product” because it has been produced from the honeycomb made by bees. Why is this ingredient normally used in natural cosmetics? Commonly used as an emulsifier or thickener, it is a natural ingredient that helps the water and oil elements of a cream come together.

Beeswax is also part of the base of most balms/ointments, it is widely used because it creates a protective barrier on the skin and helps it stay moisturized for longer . Although this ingredient is natural and totally safe, you only have to keep 2 things in mind:

  1. If you want to consume vegan cosmetics you should avoid this ingredient in the INCI
  2. If you have oily/acneic skin, avoid beeswax in compositions , it can produce more oil and not let your skin “breathe” properly and can produce comedones. Because it cannot penetrate the epidermis it can block the pores, keep this in mind if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

    Beeswax is usually written in the INCI as follows: beeswax (cera alba)

Organic and vegan multi-use balm: Buriti Balm by Pai Skincare; a 100% natural and organic ointment ideal for hydrating, repairing, nourishing very dry, damaged, reddened areas. It is the ideal balm for winter.

Most of our catalog is vegan; Even so, if you have questions or want us to help you with any INCI, do not hesitate to ask us.


It is the oily residue of lamb's wool, it is widely used in hair and body cosmetics for its moisturizing and emulsifying properties. We currently do not have any cosmetics that contain lanolin.


Vitamin A is great for your skin, but it's important to note that it exists in two forms. There are 2 sources of vitamin A:

  • retinol (in foods of animal origin) and
  • carotenes (in vegetables).

While retinol from foods of animal origin is absorbed and can act directly, carotenes must be transformed into retinol. Retinol is the form derived from animal products and is commonly found in anti-aging facial creams and eye creams.

Keep this difference in mind so that you can correctly select an eye contour. If you want a vegan eye contour, make sure it contains vitamin A from vegetables (carotenes) and not retinol directly (from foods of natural origin). A 100% natural, organic, vegan and of course cruelty free eye contour

Lactic acid

It can be found in animal tissue and can be derived from milk. Lactic acid is often used in scrubs and even skin peels and can work well as a scar and line reducer . It is also used as a pH regulator. Some companies that use lactic acid in their products use it of plant origin, such as Pai Skicare, which uses lactic acid extracted from beets.


Vegan cosmetics are cosmetics that, in addition to not being tested on animals, do not contain any ingredients from animals or any products generated by them (such as honey).

All vegan cosmetics are cruelty free but not all vegan cosmetics have to be natural or organic.

All natural cosmetics at theCosmethics are cruelty free but not all are vegan.

The vegan cosmetics at theCosmethics are 100% natural, organic and cruelty free .

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