Do toners clean the skin?

What is a tonic? Does the toner clean the skin? What function does a tonic have? Is it for all skin types? When should I use it? Is it mandatory to use it? Is it the same as an essence? We resolve all these queries in this article in our magazine.

What is a tonic? When and how is it used?

a tonic is A moisturizing liquid cosmetic whose most important function is to regularize our pH and prepare us for the next phase of our beauty ritual (serum/cream/oil).

They are normally applied by spraying the face and neck. In some cases, it is recommended to apply it with your hands: first drop a small amount into the palm of your hands and then gently press it on the face.

You should use it at least 2 times a day after cleansing your face.

Is it mandatory to use toner?

At theCosmethics we always recommend it. It is essential along with correct facial cleansing to keep the skin hydrated, balanced and radiant.

Do toners clean the skin?

No . A tonic's function is to regularize our pH . There are cleansing products with a texture quite similar to that of a toner, such as micellar water, but they are not the same. A micellar water is an aqueous cleansing product that is almost always oil-free and is always used to cleanse and before toner. Toner is not a cleansing product.

Besides balancing the skin's pH... what else can a toner do for my skin?

  • It can provide you with extra hydration and comfort . If your skin needs a lot of hydration, choose a toner with hyaluronic acid or a rose hydrosol.

  • It can soothe very sensitive skin with redness or rosacea, providing instant comfort and well-being.

  • It can regulate excess shine throughout the day .

  • It can reduce the appearance of pimples .

  • It can illuminate .

Is it for all skin types?

Yes. Regardless of the sensitivity of your skin or how oily it is, you should use toner. The key is to choose a toner that fits your skin's needs .

What toner do I choose if I have… skin?

Is a tonic the same as an essence?

No. It is common to confuse the essence with a toner or even a serum because they have certain similarities. The essence also has the ability to rebalance the skin's pH after cleansing (just like a toner). With the serum it shares a high concentration of active ingredients with great penetration power and some similarity in texture. Still they are not the same.

An essence is a treatment highly concentrated in soothing botanical extracts and antioxidants that usually enhance the luminosity and hydration of the skin. Its use is not mandatory .

Thanks to its composition, the essences can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, activating natural repairing and antioxidant processes. The essence's function is to prepare the skin so that it effectively receives the nutrients from serums, creams or oils, enhancing their effect and absorption. It is applied after the toner and before the serum. There are those who use it as a replacement for tonic .

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