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Article: I'm pregnant…

Estoy embarazada…

I'm pregnant…

We like to read and answer emails, but why lie, there are some that excite us especially, especially when you write to us to ask for advice and decide to share with our great team that you are going to be moms and dads. So the theCosmethics Team's colors come out and we are happy from here to the Pyrenees because we know that another child will come into the world pampered and very, very well cared for. And today, we make a special post solving the most typical doubts of future mothers and fathers when you discover that there will soon be a new tenant at home.

“I'm 8 weeks pregnant, what body cream do you recommend girls? Or better oil, but not essential, right? Let me tell you that the skin on my body is dry and, as expected, I am experiencing changes, the smells are something I am adapting to and on my face the skin is mixed “crazy, unstable”. I need advice Team theCosmethics. I want something healthy and effective.

Well , if you are moms and dads, this question may sound familiar to you and coincide with some of the doubts you may have had at that moment. And if at this very moment you are future mothers and fathers, we want to congratulate you and send you lots of encouragement and best wishes so that everything goes great and you enjoy it a lot. Below we are going to share with you a small selection of 100% natural, ecological, suitable for pregnant and effective cosmetics.

Today we want to share our recommendations at this time and we have selected Pai Skincare, one of our most beloved brands.

Body care: hydrate, nourish and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Without a doubt the best ecological, effective and safe anti-stretch mark treatment that we have tried so far is Anti-stretch mark treatment , Pai Skincare . It is a combination made up of body cream and oil (night). You can use it from the first moment and throughout pregnancy, even after (even if you breastfeed). In the morning you should use the cream and at night the oil (it is more powerful and requires a little more time). The smell is soft and the textures are not too sticky, two points in its favor taking into account the demands of pregnancy.

For the face: cleanse + tone + hydrate

During pregnancy the skin changes, a lot, sometimes you tell us that it becomes a little crazy, indecisive, and that you don't know exactly what it needs. This is very common and normal. It is a time of change, our body feels it and our skin of course reflects it. So we must pay special attention because it will be our skin that tells us what we need or what we should change. If your skin is combination, our recommendation is the famous cleanse, tone and hydrate routine and at night instead of using your day cream we invite you to try Pai Skincare's rosehip oil on moistened skin. 2 drops every night, no more, no less. The result is 10 and it will become an essential part of your routine as it will help you prevent and reduce stains, marks...

If your skin is reactive and you feel that it has a tendency to dry out at this time, we recommend that you change the rice toner and geranium cream for the soothing toner and chamomile cream . At night continue using rosehip oil but alternate it with  soothing serum if you have redness or rosacea.
For hair Rahua or John Masters Organics will be 100% safe and effective choices.

If you have queries or questions, do not hesitate to write to us at We will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.
Happy pregnancy! And thanks for sharing it with us.

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