Enfance Paris, grooming and care for babies and children

Agnes, the creator and director of Enfance Paris , told us that she had always wanted to create a cosmetics brand for children with luxury ingredients. She wanted to use those same ingredients that are usually used in cosmetics for adults in her brand, creating hygiene products for children.

Enfance Paris, grooming and care for babies and children

Enfance Paris is a French brand of grooming and body care for babies and children. All Enfance Paris products have been designed and manufactured in France. Enfance Paris is natural, organic, bio, vegan and of course cruelty free.

Enfance Paris chooses ecologically responsible formulations that guarantee the safety of the skin but also the environment . It does not contain any ingredients of petrochemical origin and all its packaging is recyclable.

Enfance Paris Eau de toilette, their best seller

A very soft and relaxing fragrance designed to perfume baby's (or little one's) clothes or for mothers. Agnes, the creator of Enfance Paris, does not recommend applying it directly to the baby's skin. This natural fragrance contains Italian bergamot, citrus, neroli and white musk. The finish is soft (but lasts) and very fresh. The glass container contains 50ml . At theCosmethics we love it!

Enfance Paris Eau de toilette, their best seller

Enfance Paris Shampoos

Unlike other brands, Enfance Paris makes baby shampoos . They divide the age ranges into 3 and manufacture for each group (0-3, 3-8 and 8-12) a liquid shampoo for hair and an ultra-gentle bar soap for the body.

Enfance Paris shampoos have a minimal composition, reduced to what is strictly necessary to effectively clean children's hair depending on their age. They are very fluid shampoos that are applied directly to the little ones' scalp. Its soft, fine foam rinses easily. The result is clean, soft and hydrated hair without any unnecessary ingredients.

Enfance Paris Shampoos

Enfance Paris Soaps

All Enfance Paris body washes are cold saponified; a traditional method that manages to maintain the properties of each ingredient. Each soap has a nice ribbon that makes it easier for you to use and also helps you hang it (and let it dry faster). The essential oil content of each soap is less than 1%. They can be used in newborns.

Enfance Paris bar soaps

My first toothpaste: strawberry toothpaste for kids (from 3 years old)

My first toothpaste is a gentle, organic, fluoride-free toothpaste specially formulated for use with baby teeth . Its gentle - and effective - composition with organic green tea extracts promotes the removal of dental plaque without irritating the gums or enamel. It also contains organic chamomile that helps soothe the gums. And finally Enfance Paris has added a touch of organic strawberry and a little vitamin C to achieve a very pleasant flavor and texture. 50ml

My first toothpaste: strawberry toothpaste for kids

Recommendation for use: from 3 years. Use after each meal for two or three minutes with gentle circular movements and a soft brush (especially for little ones).

And there is also a product for the whole family: Ultra-soft gel for body and face

Ultra-soft body and facial gel, soap-free, ideal for showers and baths for adults and children. Although it is a very mild gel, it deeply cleanses the skin and can also be used on very sensitive skin. When applied, a very creamy, gently scented fine foam is created; It rinses off very easily and leaves the skin clean, soft and hydrated. Soft aroma of orange blossom, chamomile and mint. 100% natural fragrance. 500ml

Ultra-soft body and facial gel for the whole family

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