Skin care after radiotherapy

Today theCosmethics team is going to address the after-effects of radiotherapy treatments on the skin; We want to share advice and care when treating damage caused to the skin during this phase. Among many other side effects, we are preparing to address only those caused in the irradiated skin area.

When Radiation therapy is given, ionizing radiation is used to destroy cancer cells and shrink any tumors that may exist around them.

These treatments have side effects on the skin. The most common simulates sunburn; Others that are also common are redness of the skin, pruritus (irritation and itching of the skin), dehydrated and flaky skin, inflamed skin... The irradiated area tends to darken and become red as if we had been burned after long exposure to the sun.

We must keep in mind that the directly affected and visible area (the irradiated area) will become dehydrated and will seek hydration in the nearby areas, also dehydrating them to a lesser extent. This means that nearby areas will also require special care and will need to be hydrated more than usual. Remember that the skin should never be hydrated before radiotherapy sessions , always after. Applying products can interfere with treatments.


Our focus is related to hygiene and skin treatment products. Our advice is that you use 100% natural products, without parabens, dyes, artificial preservatives, alcohol, heavy metals or synthetic perfumes.

  • Be especially careful with directly affected and irradiated areas of the skin; whenever possible keep that outdoor area and Avoid sun exposure during treatment and for at least a year afterward. Although you should not expose yourself to the sun, Protect the affected area with mineral SPF creams without nanoparticles . Always opt for physical, completely natural filters. The most common are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Experts recommend using a full screen on the affected area and avoiding direct sun exposure. Remember that you must always protect your skin from external aggressions, both from the sun and the cold.

  • Moisturizes the affected area and surroundings. You can use Aloe Vera balm or Rosehip Oil , always 100% natural. You can also apply Calendula oil to the affected area and take baths with chamomile and/or calendula infusions. Never apply products to the area to be irradiated before radiotherapy sessions; This must be free and clean. Also do not use any cosmetic, soap, gel, etc. that contains alcohol and/or iodine.

  • Men should shave with a razor and not use aftershave creams. Women should remove hair with an electric machine and not wax. It is also not recommended that you use tweezers to remove hair.

  • Do not use colognes or deodorants that contain aluminum chloride .

  • Do not use exfoliating creams, peels or anti-aging treatments that contain alpha hydroxy acids such as glycoic acid or rhinoid derivatives.

  • To clean the affected area, use a 100% natural neutral gel or soap. calendula and/or chamomile (both with soothing properties) and warm water (never expose the affected area to sources of heat or cold).

  • Do not use a sponge, gently massage the affected area with your fingers. Never rub the skin dry; You must remove moisture from the area by pressing (by contact) and always with cotton towels. He Aloe Vera , the Chamomile , the Calendula and the Rosehip will be four very practical and beneficial medicinal plants for hygiene, care and treatment of affected areas. The properties of these plants will help you cleanse, calm, heal and regenerate the skin faster than expected.

Remedies and natural cosmetics after radiotherapy

  • Wrap yourself in cotton ; Wear tight, comfortable, loose clothing made of natural fibers. The same with home textiles: soft, cotton sheets.

  • Avoid using tape on the irritated area and always keep the skin dry.

  • Never scratch the damaged area.

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