5 Uses that you didn't know about Buriti Balm: eyebrows, cuticles, face, lips and heels

If you have a good multipurpose balm in your hands, you can get much more out of it than you imagine; We almost always use them to deeply nourish the lips (especially in winter) but with a couple of tips and experiments you will realize that there are many more uses you can give to your balm, even if it is very dense and oily.

5 Uses that you didn't know about Buriti Balm: eyebrows, cuticles, face, lips and heels

  1. To nourish your hands in winter:

    Apply a pea of ​​Buriti Balm to the palm of your hand and begin massaging until it has completely melted; Next, massage the entire hands intensely, insisting between the fingers and the cuticles.

  2. Extremely dry areas (face included):

    Mix a few drops of rosehip oil with a little Buriti Balm and then apply the liquid mixture to your skin.

  3. To retain skin moisture for much longer

    Ideal if you are going to expose yourself to very cold or dehydrated areas. How to do it? First apply your body cream all over your body after showering; Massage until completely absorbed and incorporeal, a light layer of Buriti Balm on the areas where the skin suffers the most: elbows, knees, hands.
    You can also do this tip on your face if you are going to be exposed to very cold temperatures. In this case, apply your day cream first and then Buriti Balm (if you have combination/oily skin) we advise against it because the texture and sensation of nutrition will not be pleasant.

  4. Outdoor sports in winter?

    Apply a generous amount of Buriti Balm to all exposed areas: lips, cheeks, around the nose, ears, lips...

  5. Post-pedicure:

    This balm is fantastic for hydrating, soothing and softening hands and feet after a pedicure. Apply a small amount, like a pea, and massage until completely absorbed. It affects the heels a lot. You can also use it on your eyebrows (rice grain) after waxing. Calms and relieves redness instantly.

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