4 Uses of eye contour that you would never have thought of

If you think that an eye contour can only be used for the delicate area around the eye, you are wrong. Contour creams are a basic element with several uses that many of us are unaware of. From a repairing balm around the eyes, to the cuticles, lips and even highlighter. Did you know? What uses do you give to your eye contour?

4 Uses of eye contour that you would never have thought of

Soothing for the eyes

This is the main and best known use. The mission of an eye contour is always to hydrate and care for that delicate area . You already know that if you have very delicate skin and most of the eye contours you have tried have not worked well for you , we recommend the organic echium eye contour from Pai Skincare . In addition to hydrating and reducing expression lines, it calms the area and decongests. It is especially suitable for very sensitive skin since it does not have any irritating ingredients or alcohol. It is easy to use, applied day and night with small, gentle touches with the ring finger.

lip balm

Like eyes, lips are easily dehydrated and damaged . You can also use Pai Skincare's eye contour as an intensive repairing lip balm. Also apply it with touches, without dragging it before your usual lipstick . You will notice extra hydration immediately.


The same happens with damaged and dry cuticles; So the same eye contour that works wonderfully on eyes and as an intensive repairing care on lips, you can apply it to the cuticles. Apply a very small amount and massage until completely absorbed .

Expression lines around the lips and between the eyebrows

Most eye contours can and should be used in these two areas if you need to.


Once you have finished applying your makeup, gently apply a thin layer of your eye contour to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and chin . This gives you instant shine and luminosity as well as an extra dose of hydration for your skin.

As you can see, a real natural eye contour has more than one use and you probably didn't know it; It's time to take advantage of your eye contour.

Did you know all these uses? How do you use your eye contour?

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